How to Dress for Humid Weather

If you're struggling to cope when the heat and humidity are high, you're not alone. Studies show that heat humidity has an adverse reaction on the body, including low energy and lethargy. In extreme cases, humidity can even lead to hyperthermia or over-heating when your body can't properly release its heat.

The good news it there are ways to manage the heat and humidity. Make the most of your day and stay cool and dry by dressing with humid weather in mind.

Choose the Right Materials

Dress for HumiditySkip the heavy denim and reach for the right materials to keep you dry through the humidity. Breathable fabrics help, but humidity requires some innovation to feel comfortable and productive.

Humid Outside use materials like wood fibers, cotton, and spandex to help your clothing breathe while stretching for the perfect fit and ultimate mobility. 

While other fabrics trap air and moisture against the skin, our HUMiD Outside Fabric allows heat to escape and keep your skin dry and cool.

Steer Away from Dark Colors

If you can find the best materials possible to feel cool and dry, colors won't matter too much. However, if you're reaching for something in your closet, look for light colors. The idea is the light colors reflect the most visible wavelengths and absorb less heat. Dark colors tend to do the opposite and usually make your body warmer. 

Wear Loose Clothing

Keep your clothes as loose as possible to promote breathability and keep your skin feeling dry. Loose shorts, dresses, and flowing tanks keep your clothing from sticking against your body and trapping the heat and moisture. 

There are some exceptions. In some cases, snug workout pants or activewear may work fine, provided you look for quick wick materials or our line of clothing designed to keep you cool. 

Open Up the Vents

If your clothes come with vents, open them up and air out your body. Activewear is a good choice for clothes that include zippers and velcro to pull apart clever openings. Even unbuttoning your polo or removing an extra layer helps keep the air flowing and relieves the hot and sticky humid feel.

Dress According to Your Lifestyle

Dressing for your lifestyle is essential no matter the weather. If you love spending time outdoors, activewear is an easy choice to survive the heat and humidity. However, comfortable and loose clothing is within reach even if you're prone to sitting at the office or chasing after kids.

Look for dress-up polos and dresses crafted from the right materials that let you move, breathe, and enjoy your day to the fullest. 

Pick Your Footwear Wisely

Neglecting your feet can make you uncomfortable and overheated year-round. Your feet have approximately 125,000 sweat glands and have more glands per square centimeter than any other part of your body! We lose so much heat through our feet that it's essential to plan your day accordingly.

Choose comfortable sandals that breathe through the heat whether you're on the beach or on a light hike. If you must wear closed-toe shoes, try canvas options that keep your feet as dry as possible.

Grab a Hat

Your feet aren't the only place that loses heat and gets trapped against your skin. Your head also loses heat, but what happens if you need to shield yourself from the sun?

Stay cool and comfortable with the right hats that blend form, fit, and functionality. We use fabric blended with sustainable and soft fibers, and it's anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, so you don't miss a beat during your day.

Ready to Reinvent Your Wardrobe?

Humid Outside was created by Tampa, Florida locals looking for a way to make the most of fun outdoor activities and sports. We created stylish, comfortable, and thoughtful clothing and products to make the most of your day.

Ready to change up your wardrobe and dress for humid weather? Browse our selection of men's clothing and women's clothing that helps beat the humidity here.