How to Prep for Fall Weather Activities

Fall is upon us, and it's time to break out the layers and live our best lives outdoors and in the brisk, cool air. Or, if you're like us and live in Florida, you're still experiencing sunny days and humidity. No matter where you live, you can plan accordingly and enjoy fall weather activities. Here's how to prepare.


Fall activities - Humid Outside

Camping during the fall weather requires some ingenuity and preparing for just about any weather you can imagine. From hot days to cold nights, layering up your wardrobe and sleeping gear is essential to an enjoyable night under the stars. 

Bring a mix of lightweight long-sleeves and an outer layer with quick wik technology to stay dry and cool. A sleeping bag, well-ventilated tent, and air-tight containers also help on your camping journey. Keep your body and food dry while enjoying dinner during sunset. 


Hiking is the perfect way to enjoy fall and the colorful foliage. Performance socks that help regulate temperature and keep your feet comfortable are your best option. 

Choose sock lengths that fully cover any area your hiking boots will touch to avoid blistering. No cushion socks are usually designed for use in hot weather and are breathable, and heavy cushioning is ideal for rugged terrain and colder temperatures. When it comes to fabric, it depends on the fall weather. Wool is a popular choice to help regulate your feet and actually helps keep them from getting sweaty. Polyester-based socks that are synthetic tend to dry quickly and keep moisture away from your feet. 


Speed demons and leisure seekers alike can enjoy a day on the water for a fall weather boating adventure. Whether you're sailing or racing across the waves, you need to stay warm with the ability to peel off layers and enjoy the sunshine quickly.

Start building your boating wardrobe with our long-sleeved active shirts that are freakishly soft and deliver exceptional comfort. Our fibers are smooth for temperature balance effects and strategic thumbholes for practical use. 


Just like boating, fishing in the fall weaher requires some planning to stay as comfortable as possible. If you're wearing waders, load up on active tees and long-sleeve shirts for quick-drying capabilities. They'll also keep you cool when the sun is high, and the fish are biting. 

Our shirts and other outdoors-minded products are utterly breathable with anti-microbial fibers to keep you non-stickable. Choose from our athletic fit shirts for the best mobility. They're even slightly tailored, so you can grab a beer with friends after your catch and still look great.


Fall weather hunting yields game-like pheasant, quail, ducks, geese, and deer, depending on where you spend your time in the woods or on the water. Camouflage may help you blend in, but you also need to plan for releasing your body heat in the sun or keeping the heat inside on a chilly fall day.

Our hats are designed with sustainable and softwood fabric (really, wood!) for a comfortable fit. They help you stay cool and ventilated when you need the relief but can also help trap in your body heat when you're waiting for that perfect buck on a brisk morning. 

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