Living in Tampa, Florida, we understand that humidity can put a damper on fun outdoor activities and sports. That's why we created Humid Outside.
Our Goal... to design thoughtful products that help people embrace all kinds of beautiful humid climates around the world, instead of dreading them.

The Result... a material unlike any other. It's extremely absorbent and dries quickly. It breathes like a performance fabric, but is softer than any t-shirt you have ever worn. It is odor-resistant, eco-friendly, and sustainably made right here in the USA.
How does it work?
Wood Fibers

Lyocell and Modal fibers quickly absorb and dissipate moisture from the body.


Mixed with the wood fibers, cotton makes the shirt sturdy yet extremely soft.


Gives the material some stretch for perfect fit and unhindered mobility.

See the difference
Other Fabric

Most fabric fibers are coarse and jagged, making it difficult to pass moisture.  Air and moisture are locked in, creating an ideal breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria 

HUMiD Outside Fabric

Round, smooth fibers are naturally anti-bacterial.  The fibers freely absorb and evaporate moisture from your skin, leaving you dry and odor free!

Innovative By Nature

When selecting fibers for our fabric, the choice was clear.  We simply put together natures softest, strongest, and most resilient contestants.  Voila!