Our Mission

humid running

We're a company with purpose.  Our purpose is to make clothes with a high quality form of material, the right kind of fit, and to function for both active and casual wear....in humid climates...period! 
We're a Veteran-Owned company, Tampa, Florida is our home, and we live for being outside. Boating, cycling, training, or just hanging in the back yard (we used to spend more nights on the town, but you know how that has been in 2020)….just some of the activities that we do on a regular basis that drove us to create clothing products, designed to actually perform in high humidity and [mostly] hot, but sometimes cold combination of elements. 
In 2019, after spending months of testing different materials and fit styles, we zero'd in on a design and fit that was really compelling....something we just had to manufacture.  So, with family in our corner, we went "all in".  Having spent a career building solutions in the Energy industry, it was a 180 degree turn into Textile & Apparel.  However, our DNA of building high quality solutions was already prevailing and we felt, as long as we stayed true to our "technical" roots and capabilities, we could build it...and in time, make the entire span of products better than anything else available.  We're betting on it, and we invite you to come along with us and be a part of our HUMiD Outside family as we grow, add more products, and just have an awesome time along the way.  
A little about the products so far:  Wet or dry, they're not too loose, long, thick, thin or wide. The texture of our custom blends are supple and strong, to marry comfort and toughness...like, your forever-garment. We've dialed in the exact performance and fit to make it perfect for those who want to get outside and enjoy nature as much as we do.
- Active or casual, HUMiD has you covered. -